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2010 Player Rating and Review: Jamie Smith

We will use any excuse to use this picture. ANY EXCUSE
We will use any excuse to use this picture. ANY EXCUSE

This offseason, UZ will give a short review on the play of all Colorado Rapids players who received a decent amount of time on the pitch during the season along with a season grade. Starting with Goalkeepers and then moving up the field as necessary from defenders to forwards, today we'll go with Jamie Smith.

Name: Jamie Smith
Number: 20
Appearances: 16 (6)
Stats: 1 Goal, 8 Assists
With a magic foot from Scotland, Jamie...

Colorado's Jamie Smith is an odd beast, and I feel like I have to clarify whenever I talk about him that I do not, in fact, dislike him. I am not the founding member of the anti-Jamie Smith anti-fan club. Certainly I've given him his fair share of... how you say... heckling, but he is an important cog in the Colorado Rapids system of play and despite his hot and cold play he should remain the starter after a pretty strong year from the midfielder.

The essential man providing service into the box for the strikers and other midfielders on free kicks and otherwise, Jamie's play has a strange manner of being streaky as all get out. On some days every ball he puts into the box is on the foot of the man he's looking for, his passes are crisp and well weighted and he's even able to play a bit of defense in the middle of the field; something that is usually reserved as a role for Wells Thompson or Brian Mullan. Occasionally - and I'm thinking off the top of my head of the DC United home game off the top of my head, as well as his playoff performance against Columbus - he just turns into the anti-Jamie Smith. His passes are off, his shots are terrible and he just looks like a League Two player. It doesn't happen very often, but we've seen it a few times and I've always - perhaps unfairly - been one of the first to call him out on it.

Fortunately, good-Jamie is more often than not the guy we see in big games, as he is the one who provided the important assist on Conor Casey's goal in the MLS Cup final. If he can quell his bad days and turn them into simply mediocre ones, Smith could well turn into a 3 goal and 10 assist player as the every day starter, which would be simply fantastic from our magical foot from Scotland in MLS.