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Steven Lenhart might have been a Rapid

That hair could have been ours!
That hair could have been ours!

Remember way back in the MLS Draft where Gary Smith and company were saying that it was almost certain that we'd be seeing a trade out of them in the first round? Remember as well how the Rapids front office were hinting very strongly that they were looking to get a talented young forward onto the team via the draft as well? Well no trades ever emerged and the Rapids indeed wound up using their first round pick not on a forward but on defender Eddie Ababio. Charlie Wright did mention in my interview with him that there was indeed a trade in the works but the other team backed out of it.

Well I was talking to with a couple of the Rapids front office members during the Bulldog Supporters Group party the other day and one of them mentioned what exactly that trade had entailed - apparently the Earthquakes were not the only team who were going after former Columbus Crew forward Steven Lenhart during the draft. In fact, if the FO member I was speaking to is to be believed, the Rapids had offered "almost the exact same offer for Lenhart as San Jose did" but were rejected. That certainly explains the lip service we had recieved about a new young forward and a trade in the works. Why the Crew backed out of it I don't know.

Lenhart would probably not be a starter for Colorado - his stat line of 13 goals in 63 games isn't exactly impressive even though he's still quite young at 24 - but it would have certainly made the situation with the injured Macoumba Kandji behind Conor Casey and Omar Cummings a lot clearer. Just an interesting tidbit from the draft thinking of Colorado. The need for another Striker is still fresh in our minds so we'll probably see one in the future. Still, it leaves us thinking what could have been with Lenhart.