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Valentines Day massacre in Colorado spares the Rapids

Pictured: Colorado Sports
Not Pictured: The Rapids
Pictured: Colorado Sports Not Pictured: The Rapids

If you're a Colorado sports fan like I am, you probably follow all the teams in the area to some degree. Therefore, if you're a Colorado sports fan like I am you're probably in a deep self-loathing at the moment when you think about the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets, both currently in turmoil and both pretty much out of the championship races in their respective sports.

In a day that might soon be called Colorado's Valentines Day massacre, the Colorado Avalanche lost two players to injury and Peter Forsberg to retirement with another player getting ejected for a dirty hit... all while losing to the rival Calgary Flames 9-1. 9-1! That's a Barcelona playing your average League Two team score right there. The Denver Nuggets didn't fare any better, losing by 20 points to the Houston Rockets and playing so badly that Denver Stiffs had to point out that 20 points was actually keeping the game close. So what to do if you're a Colorado sports fan?

Well, there's always the Rapids. They were able to kill their "preseason goalless streak" - by the way, if they don't score for only one game I don't think it qualifies as a streak, guys - and defeat the Columbus Crew 2-0 in Arizona today. The two goals came from our local boy Steven Emory - Metro State's finest! - and new addition to the midfield, Sanna Nyassi. Not bad for a day that's supposed to be filled with happiness and roses considering the alternatives. Even if they were losing, they have that little cup thing to keep them and the fans warm at night. So everyone here feel free to thank whatever god you subscribe to that you're a fan of the best team in Colorado, the burgundy and blue white of the Rapids.

Oh yeah, and the Rockies shouldn't be bad either next year.