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INCREDIBLY UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOR: Peter Wilt interested in the Colorado Rapids GM position?

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All right, so this one's a bit of a stretch but it would be pretty awesome if it comes true. The man who built the original Chicago Fire team that won the 1998 double and several US Open Cups since then might be an interesting but questionable candidate for the Colorado Rapids vacant GM position on Twitter. He was, in fact, one of the first people to retweet MLSRumors about Jeff Plush being let go by Colorado.

He even sent me a tweet saying that 'he'd love to make me laugh' when I mentioned that I'd be laughing my ass off if he were to come to Colorado.

Peter was the original GM and President of Chicago, staying until 2005 when he was replaced with John Guppy by the Fire. Since then, he's had several projects including trying to get a team to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His last project was the now defunct Chicago Riot indoor soccer team.

I doubt that Peter will want to leave Chicagoland after calling the Midwest his home for so long and being so imbued into the history of Chicago soccer, but it's a very intriguing question to ask. If Wilt were to come to Colorado it would raise our optimism for the future several thousand times, and for good reason; the guy has a very proven track record of success in Major League Soccer. Bit of a stretch, but we can dream, eh?