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Jeff Plush to leave the Colorado Rapids


In a move that was shocking only because of how unexpected it was, the Colorado Rapids announced today that Managing Director Jeff Plush will be leaving the organization. He will stay on as a consultant to the team as they search for a new GM and a new Head Coach.

This is a very surprising turn of events for the Rapids, who just a month ago looked like they were going to continue to spin their wheels in neutral while looking for a new head coach under the same old regime. The selections to replace Plush and former head coach Gary Smith now look far more intriguing than they did earlier in the offseason. Plush did many great things with the organization and was integral in leading them to the 2010 MLS Cup, but the Front Office fell apart as the season winded down and changes needed to be made from the bottom up.

Plush being let go is probably the biggest move that we could have realistically expected the Rapids to make during the off-season.

The only question left is will Paul Bravo be the next to get the axe? It looks like the full-on makeover that the team needs is starting to look more likely to be a reality. It's a great move to get rid of Plush, but let's not get too excited yet. Lots of work still to be done.