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Why no, Drew Moor isn't moving to Portland, thank you for asking!

"Wait, you thought I said WHAT?"
"Wait, you thought I said WHAT?"

In one of the funnier incidents of the offseason - albeit an offseason where incidents of any sort have been fairly rare - Colorado Rapids defender Drew Moor started a bit of a frenzy among some of the twitter dwelling fans yesterday. Drew released the following tweet earlier yesterday morning:

Gettin my game on with K Cooper #2012

Personally I didn't find it to be all that interesting a tweet, with my first instincts saying that Moor and Kenny Cooper were probably playing some FIFA 2012, thus the hashtag. Unfortunately, not everyone took it quite as innocously, with rumors instantly swirling about either Moor going to the Portland Timbers or Cooper being sent off to Denver. Fortunately, Moor cleared the air rather quickly by saying that Cooper and himself were just kicking the ball around and that the hashtag was because he was excited for the upcoming season.

Makes sense, since Cooper and Moor played in Dallas together and are friends. Not nearly as fun though!

At the very least, this is just serving to remind us just how little there has been to write and talk about for our Rapids this offseason. Do something, team!