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Trevor James the newest rumored Colorado Rapids manager

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The Portland Timbers announced yesterday that their assistant coach Trevor James was no longer going to be with the team, leading to the newest coaching candidate rumor for the Colorado Rapids. The response from Timbers fans has been grateful and a bit confused, with quotes like "This is a little surprising. Wonder what the inside story on this is?" and "Yeah I wonder why he is leaving as well" on the official post on the Timbers website.

After a disappointing 2011 campaign, Colorado sacked former head coach Gary Smith almost a month and a half ago. They've since replaced their team president Jeff Plush with former Marketing director Tim Hinchey but the manager's chair is still vacant.

James hasn't yet been confirmed as a coaching candidate but the second he was let go by Portland the rumors began to fly, and with the Rapids searching for someone 'from inside MLS' he makes a perfect candidate. The Rapids are most certainly going to try and get a manager in before the MLS Superdraft so that they can begin to build the 2012 team and try and build on what small momentum 2011 provided.

At the very least, if Trevor is hired as the new Rapids coach it'll just be another connection between the Timbers and Rapids franchises. Sharing is caring, gang!