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Colorado Rapids name Tim Hinchey as their President

The offseason front office re-formatting continued today for the Colorado Rapids as they named former Chief Marketing Officer Tim Hinchey as the new president of the organization. President of Kroenke Sports Enterprises Jim Martin applauded the move:

"He brings invaluable experience to the position, as well as a tremendous passion for the sport of soccer. We are confident that he’ll help the Rapids continue to succeed on and off the field."

Hinchey has experience with plenty of sports teams in his day, including several NBA teams and a three year stint with Championship side Derby County. It's not much of a shift for the Rapids in front office personel since we're still without a GM and head coach, but at least now we know who the man who will pick our new GM and head coach will be.

Hinchey's reaction to the move and to the future of the franchise is positive, judging from the Rapids official press release on the matter:

“It’s truly an honor to take this role with the Rapids,” said Hinchey. “I want to thank Stan Kroenke, Josh Kroenke and Jim Martin for this opportunity and for their confidence. The Rapids have a great foundation, and I’m looking forward to helping the team build on its recent successes on and off the field. We are only a year removed from an MLS Cup and everyone in the organization is committed to bringing another championship to Colorado.”