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Guppy, Bravo will not take the vacant coaching seat in Colorado

Nick Thomas, the beat writer for the Colorado Rapids on, came out with some interesting tweets from Colorado last night giving some insight on the still incredibly muddy view on the Rapids now vacant coaching seat. Some of the early favorites have been cast out, specifically the ones that could have been promoted from inside the organization.

Ever since the original feud between himself and Gary Smith, Paul Bravo looked to be the likely candidate to replace him if the sacking ever occurred. Apparently that will not be the case. The same holds true for Gary's assistant manager Steve Guppy, who showed a bit of managerial mettle earlier in the season as he coached the Rapids in Metapan when Gary Smith denied the trip for the CCL match.

Last night a strange rumor began to circulate involving current Portland Timbers manager John Spencer being snatched away by Colorado, but it's quite unlikely that John would leave his large salary and comparatively open checkbook in Oregon to come to a minuscule salary and four digit transfer fund in Colorado, past associations with the club or not. 

I'm actually quite pleased that Bravo and the rest of the internal guys won't be coming in to take the coaching position, the club desperately needs some new blood in the coaching seat. Still, the coaching race is completely wide open.