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MLS Cup prediction thread

Soon this will be in LA or Houston.
Soon this will be in LA or Houston.

Well it's another MLS Cup and another MLS Cup that won't feature the Colorado Rapids. The fantastic feeling of being the reigning MLS Cup champions will last just under another week as either the Los Angeles Galaxy or the Houston Dynamo are going to win their third title, both teams having won twice before.

Los Angeles were in the final as recently as 2009, when they were shocked by the scrappy Real Salt Lake team that then went on to tear the league apart - albeit without any trophies to show for it - in the next year and a half. That game was the fourth loss in the MLS Cup final by Los Angeles, who finally won in 2002 and 2005 against the New England Revolution to pass off the 'Buffalo Bills of MLS' title to a different team.

The two years after that were both won by the recently moved Houston Dynamo. The former San Jose Earthquakes took on the Revolution twice in a row in 2006 and 2007, with both games coming up Orange in the end despite Taylor Twellman's best attempts at heroics.

In other words, this is basically the 'Teams that beat up on the Revs' bowl.

Without Brad Davis, who injured himself executing a slide tackle against Sporting Kansas City, the Dynamo are going to be hurting for quality. I liken it to when Colorado lost Conor Casey in terms of the importance of the lost player. There are still plenty of guys that can get the job done for Houston, specifically the still occasionally dangerous Brian Ching who has won this thing twice before. Without Davis though, I don't see Houston getting the win, especially since the cup final will be at the Home Depot Center.

My personal prediction is 2-1 Los Angeles as they take home their third MLS Cup. What do you guys think?