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Expansion Draft errata: Derpin' the rules

'Yay, I made the list!'
'Yay, I made the list!'

Awesome dude Jason Maxwell e-mailed me earlier today informing me of something that I was unaware of originally when making my expansion draft list. While I'm sure we're all aware of the 'three internationals' rule that states that teams with more than four internationals must protect at least three of them, I was unaware originally my original three of Kosuke Kimura, Omar Cummings and Sanna Nyassi are apparently all ineligible.

Turns out - and the Rapids released their own article today clearing this up - that players who officially have US Residency do not count as internationals on that level, so guys like Kosuke and Omar aren't included in the count. Instead, three of Caleb Folan, Danny Earls, Jamie Smith, Joseph Nane and Miguel Comminges must be protected.

In light of that, my list has to change somewhat. Eddie Ababio is no longer on there in favor of Comminges, Caleb Folan has been shoehorned in for Anthony Walllace and Jamie Smith has been inserted for Brian Mullan. A bit hard to swallow when you consider that two of the five internationals are completely awful - Earls and Nane - and are forcing the team into this position when they would better be serving the team by getting as far away as possible. Matt Pickens and Macoumba Kandji are still probably the biggest snubs.

My new expansion list in light of this is Conor Casey, Omar Cummings, Caleb Folan, Pablo Mastroeni, Jamie Smith, Sanna Nyassi, Jeff Larentowicz, Miguel Comminges, Drew Moor, Marvell Wynne, Kosuke Kimura. Still not a bad group, but not quite as ideal.