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Hilarious bookable offenses - staring Miguel Comminges

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New Guadeloupean signing Miguel Comminges has made a pretty good impression on Rapids fans at left back since he started playing back against Santos Laguna at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. His defense has been solid and unwavering without trying to get too flashy like Anthony Wallace sometimes attempted to do while he's contributed not much but enough to the offensive side of the ball as well. The quintessential left back, if you will.

After the FC Dallas game last Saturday, we can now say that he's provided us with one of the most hilariously confusing bookings we've probably ever seen as well. While on the sideline preparing to throw the ball in, he snagged a water bottle and took a quick squirt before setting at the line to toss it in. Referee Silviu Petrescu decided that the sip of H20 was worth a booking and Miguel wound up paying for it later after another foul earned him a second - probably deserved but not under the circumstances - yellow card.

The official reasoning, by the way, was 'Delaying a restart' which is... well, it's something. I don't know if that's one step below time wasting or what, but it's a new one on me.

This unfortunately means that our new left back will have to miss the important Real Salt Lake derby match coming up, which means it's likely we'll see Drew Moor shifting over to left back with Tyrone Marshall taking over his spot in the center. Kosuke Kimura obviously will stick at right back as usual.

Anyone have any good hilarious booking stories to share? I honestly can't think of one as confusing as the one we saw on Miguel the other day in my experience.