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UPDATE: Jamie Smith tore his ACL

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Well that was quick. Unfortunately, not the good kind of quick.

Apparently it was as bad as it looked and even worse, guys. Jamie Smith will officially play no more games for the Colorado Rapids this season after yesterday's match against the Columbus Crew due to a torn ACL. The Rapids seem to have had a penchant for terribly unlucky injuries this season - Conor Casey's injury against the Seattle Sounders where he slipped on the slick ground while settling a ball leading to a shattered Achilles heel comes to mind - but this might have the worst timing out of all of them.

Jamie is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday on his right knee. Hopefully Jamie doesn't turn into another Colin Clark situation, especially at his more advanced age. Best wishes to our service-master on the wing. Hopefully he's well enough to play at some point next season; it's a sure thing that we're going to miss his quality both in the rest of this playoffs and as long as he needs to rehab.