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Jamie Smith undergoing an MRI

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Possibly capping off an already horrendous number of injuries for himself on the season, Colorado Rapids winger Jamie Smith seemingly tripped over himself last night on the slick pitch at Dick's Sporting Goods Park against the Columbus Crew. Going to the ground clutching his knee, he was immediately removed via stretcher and subbed out. Word wasn't immediate on how severe his injury was, but considering the pain he seemed to be in it seems likely that Jamie's season is now over.

Reportedly, Jamie is undergoing an MRI on his knee today. The Rapids said that they will continue to keep fans in the loop on how severe the injury is as the day progresses. Hopefully it's a lot better than it looked. Either way, this is yet another blow to the Rapids already slim chances to defend their title as they continue to lose players ahead of an incredibly important short-rest match against Sporting Kansas City.