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The MLS Combine starts tomorrow

The MLS Combine will take place between January 8th and 11th. If you've never seen an MLS Combine before, the basic idea is that the best college players in the nation who may be chosen in the SuperDraft are put into the combine, split up into four strangely named teams - I happen to think that the names A, B, C and D that they're given in Football Manager make a lot more sense than Adizero, Adipure, Adipower and Jabulani - and those teams of youngsters play a few games against each other to give us all some more tape to look at.

You can see the rosters and game selections here. The games will all be streamed on

Of particular note to the Rapids may be team AdiPower, featuring the New Zealand double salvo of Daniel Keat and Michael Boxall, both potential picks for the Rapids at the #18 spot. You'll also see potential second round picks for the Rapids Chris Korb, Davis Paul and others. If you'd like to see some local flavor, you could also pay attention to goalkeeper Joe Willis of our own University of Denver.