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Julien Baudet Back In Burgundy? Don't count on it.

Baudet's career potential in Colorado dies again as Jeff Larentowicz looks on.
Baudet's career potential in Colorado dies again as Jeff Larentowicz looks on.

Ever since the immediate trade after the end of the MLS Cup by the Colorado Rapids that sent defenders Julien Baudet and Danny Earls to the Seattle Sounders for Peter Vagenas - who is assuredly not going to be a Rapid at the start of the season - Rapids fans have been mourning the loss of our favorite big central defender. Baudet was eventually replaced in his role from last year by the pickup of Tyrone Marshall and perhaps even the pick of Colin Givens in the MLS SuperDraft but still was such an integral part of the team that won the cup that we felt a twinge of missing him in our hearts.

Naturally, when the story broke that Seattle was probably not going to sign Baudet after all, the droves of Rapids fans that were mourning the loss of Baudet began to clamor for the return of Baudet in our blue and burgundy. The cause has even gotten to a point where a Facebook group has been made about it. (Then again, there's a lot of useless endeavors with Facebook groups these days.)

Personally, I wouldn't count on seeing Baudet back here in the Rocky Mountains any time soon. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the jettison from Seattle is going to spell the end of his career in MLS in general. He is a very talented player and an archetype that many teams like to have around, the big guy who commands a defense in the middle. It's not like he's in a situation where his leaving MLS would end his ability to play football worldwide as it would with some random American player out of college. Options aren't a problem for him here.

Baudet's inability to be the starter in Seattle was part of the problem that they got rid of him, and he would face the same problem were he able to come back to Colorado. With our depth now reinstated on the defensive line, Baudet would probably just be stuck getting 10 or 11 appearances total over the season, which would probably be nothing more than a waste of his talent. Wynne, Moor and Marshall are probably all suited to starting above him and the future is already in place with Givens. If they were really looking for size in the center they could probably also find someone who wouldn't take up an international spot for far less money than Baudet would be asking for in regards to him being - and these are the words of Sounder At Heart here - a 4th CB. The front office wants players they know will contribute, not just a nice story to bring a smile to some slightly sad fans.

The biggest knife in the idea may simply be that although we all know that Julien loved the fans here in Colorado along with his teammates and the atmosphere of Colorado in general - no pun intended get it cause we're a mile high ahaha - I'm not completely sure that he would come back to the team that so unfairly jettisoned him not even a day into the offseason. As much as I would like to see him back on the squad by the time next season begins, I wouldn't count on it.