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Omar Cummings is coming home, Villa loan falls through

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Well I hate to say I told you so, but as I predicted before the entire Omar Cummings to Aston Villa debacle has ended with a whimper, rather than even so much as a loan.

Cummings' work permit issues due to the Jamaican national team's world ranking stuck a wrench into the deal that Aston Villa and the Colorado Rapids were attempting to work out for the loan up until March that both sides were looking at. Omar still got quite a bit of experience training with Villa but it looks like he's not going to be playing with them in an actual game any time soon. All in all, probably a good experience for our star striker, and one that will probably seal the deal in the case of him being sold away from the team by 2012, which is the year I expect to lose him as I've said many times.

It was for a very football-manageresque type of problem - Seriously, how often has this happened if you're playing as an English team trying to steal someone from America! - but regardless, Omar Cummings will not be sold or loaned to Aston Villa. Welcome back home, Omar.