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With the 18th Overall Pick... CJ Sapong

WIth the upcoming MLS Superdraft on January 13th, it's time to start looking at a couple of the possible prospects that the Colorado Rapids might select with their 18th overall pick in the first round. I've gone around and asked a few people with the knowledge of their schools and players about the prospects I think are prime guys for the Rapids selection. Today is CJ Sapong from James Madison University.

CJ Sapong is an interesting case. On the undefeated Jabulani team in the combine, he played fairly well as a striker and scored a goal the last day of it. He's been projected as a mid to late second rounder up to a high second, perhaps even low first rounder. His great combine showing is the reason I'm putting him in here, as he may have pushed himself up to the 18th spot if Herrick and Meram are gone and the Rapids really want a striker.

Sapong was a star for James Madison University in his college career, winding up top 10 in school history in goals and points scored, along with game winning goals. Perhaps he didn't play for a top tier team, but he had top tier play and in MLS the skills he showed in college can easily translate. He probably won't need to play much right away this year with the Akpan/Amarikwa duo in front of him on the bench. As an aspiring target forward he'll have plenty of time to perfect his craft.

I've heard Sapong described as a "Conor Casey/Omar Cummings crossbreed" and I don't see how the Rapids could do wrong getting a hybrid of their best two players. With the speedy Macoumba Kandji by his side Sapong could be the target forward of the future for Colorado, the new Casey/Cummings duo of the future perhaps?

As a Buffalo Bills fan who had the pleasure of watching JMU player Arthur Moats turn into a pretty darn good OLB in the NFL this year, I gotta say I'm not against the idea of drafting a JMU star.