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Taking Things out of Proportion

Omar's reaction to reading that people think he's being sold
Omar's reaction to reading that people think he's being sold

Contrary to the belief that seems to have somehow matured out of nothing in Facebook comments and twitter messages, Rapids striker and leading scorer Omar Cummings is not being sold to Aston Villa.

At least, nothing that has come out of actual reputable sources has said that. In fact, what we've been able to get from reputable sources such as the Rapids front office itself has told us quite the opposite. What we know about the situation is the same now as it was back when the story first broke. Cummings IS going to Aston Villa to train with them. The goal starved EPL squad MIGHT be putting out a loan on him. The loan will NOT last longer than until March 19th, the date of the MLS First Kick.

Here's the exact quote from Rapids Managing Director, Jeff Plush;

"Omar is a Colorado Rapids player, we explained to Aston Villa that we would be open to discussing a loan agreement for Omar until our season starts on March 19 if it benefitted Omar and the Colorado Rapids."

He made about as much of an effort as he could to strain the fact that Cummings will, without a doubt, be back in Burgundy by the home opener against the Portland Timbers. He even threw in "It would take Aston Villa or any club making a significant offer for us to even consider transferring Omar" later in the conversation to kill doubts. A mention of the fact that there is an outside chance that a buyout clause is added to loans occasionally is pretty much the only thing that is fueling this rumor. And the only reason that it said that in the article is because they were covering what "happens in the world of soccer."

There's a very low chance that Cummings is still a Rapid in 2012, I've said that before and I'll say it again. 2012 is not 2011 though, and the chances of him leaving in 2011 are - for the moment at least - still just about as close to zero as you can get.