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Burgundy Wave Information, Rules and/or Regulations

All people who disobey the rules shall be kicked in the head by Pablo Mastroeni. Observe!
All people who disobey the rules shall be kicked in the head by Pablo Mastroeni. Observe!

Welcome to Burgundy Wave, here's a couple of things to know while browsing the site!

Meet the Staff:
* UZ
- Chris "UZ" White is the managing editor and the main contributor to the site, which he started in July of 2010 on Blogspot, moving to the SBnation platform in September. Up until February of 2011, he was the only staff member on board. UZ has a knack for logical and levelheaded analysis of the game of football and is a highlights junkie. He supports Crystal Palace FC as his English team and will continue to pester the soccer staff at SB Nation until they let him run a Palace blog. His day job is writing for SB Nation's Regional sites along with acting as Associate Editor of SBN Denver.
* Bulldog Ben
- Ben Kowalsky was brought on by UZ to be an occasional co-author for the site partially due to his knack for number crunching and stats analysis. Ben usually writes the more in-depth analytical articles for the site, if and when he actually posts an update. Ben supports Chelsea as his English team. He currently lives in Minnesota for school purposes and therefore writes even less than he used to.
* Richard Terry -
Richard was brought onto the staff after writing for a while at Global Football Today - UZ maintains that Richard was probably the best writer in that place since this sort of shit was his competition - and Ben moved to Minnesota. He writes the game previews for the site. Richard also supports Crystal Palace, which means that Burgundy Wave now contains two of the four (maximum) American CPFC fans as writers.
* Ptocheia - Virginia Roper, known better as Ptocheia on the site, is UZ's roommate and ladyfriend who just happens to be very much into the game of soccer and also very much into blogging. Naturally, being both of those things meant she was a natural to become a contributor to Burgundy Wave. She also runs, which hosts the Thugcast. She doesn't have a favorite team in England, but she does like Queens Park Rangers a bit only because they have a player named Tarabbt or something whose name is pronounced like 'Tourettes'.
* Tibbs2007 - Tim started off on Burgundy Wave by writing a couple of fanposts, and was one of the first to respond when UZ put out a call for new writers. He puts togetehr all of the Sunday Linkdumps for the site and does the player ratings about half the time. He supports Burnley as his European team.
* CwCasey1 - Chris Casey is the pseudo-Rapids-celebrity of our fun bunch. He actually worked with the Rapids for a short time back in 1997 -- their first MLS Cup run! -- but left after a short while. He does Pub reviews for the site and also contributes to the player ratings. He also makes sure that the blog now has more people named 'Chris' than any other name, which UZ is perfectly fine with. Aston Villa is his English team.
* BKsmalls21 - Bryan was another of the new bunch of writers that came on board in 2012. He writes a weekly opinion piece for Burgundy Wave called 'View from the South Stands', based on where he sits at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.
* Jedidiah Bertram -Jed never actually does anything any more and we're still not sure why he's on the masthead.

We're revamping the amount of content we put out for the 2012 season. In our first year and a half or so of existence we ran on three articles a week plus game previews/recaps, pretty much the bare minimum required to be an SB Nation blog. Now we're boosting up to try and get two (2) articles on the site every single day! The ones that you can expect every week are:

Chalk Talk - Released on Mondays, Bulldog Ben talks tactics, stats and numbers in the game of football.
View from the South Stands - Bryan gives his opinion on a recent game or event involving the Rapids. Released on Wednesdays as long as there's no game.
Rapids Thugcast - Burgundy Wave's own Podcast, featuring Ben and UZ. Released every Thursday unless the team's scheduling is weird in which case Tuesday or Wednesday releases can happen. Usually 45-60 minutes long.
Three Keys To The Game - Three key points and match ups for whatever the Rapids next game happens to be. This usually comes out the day before games.
Poll of the Week - Virginia writes a weekly poll for Rapids fans to answer every Sunday.

Basic Site Rules
* Profanity is limited at all SBnation sites, I'm lenient enough to allow some profanity but don't go overboard with the curse-laden ranting.
* Try to not go horribly off topic if you don't have to. We prefer if you talk football on a football site, if there's something else you're dying to say there's probably another site out there dedicated to that topic that you can discuss on all day long! This rule is the most lenient of all of them, obviously. As long as we keep politics and religion out of it I'm pretty sure we're good!
* Obvious rules of the internet: Mainly, don't be a dick. As a professional internet troll I can tell when somebody is being a dick just for the sake of being a dick.
* Back your points up. We like logic and reason in this neck of the woods more than knee-jerk OMG FIRE EVERYONE style posts.

Fanshot/Post Guidelines
* Don't link to anything profane or completely unrelated to the Rapids or the sport of football, naturally.
* Spam comments, fanposts or fanposts mentioning gucci bags, clothing, illegal streaming sites or otherwise will be deleted the second I see them. (Also you will be banned but I think you knew that.)

That's really all you need to know. Enjoy your stay!