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In response to Patrick Saunders and his complete disrespect for the Rapids

Let me start out by saying that I was always a subscriber to the Rocky Mountain News, so I've never been a Denver Post guy. This is just disrespectful to the team that may be Colorado's best chance for a championship in the future.

The Denver Post's Patrick Saunders wrote an article about how the "Glory Days" in Colorado may be fading fast. First of all, I would like to state that Denver never really has had a "glory day" since about 1999. In the four year period from 1995 to 1998, Denver was in a bit of a high when it came to sports. The Rockies had gone to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. The Avs had taken the first championship to Denver in the history of the city. The Broncos won those two Superbowls, unfortunately helping Denver to continue being a football town - and not the right kind of football. Of course, the Rapids making two cup finals around that time and having some fantastic attendance in then young MLS are completely forgotten in that whole time of good times for the state.

Patrick Saunders writes about Colorado's sports days being in dismal times. Sure, the Rockies are out of it, the Broncos drafted a QB who is better suited to be a fullback and the Nuggets are in danger of losing their best player. I'm going to just ignore the fact that he slighted the Avalanche, who made the playoffs with almost a completely rookie filled squad and have nowhere to go but up. But that's not what my biggest beef with the article is.

He appears to have forgotten about the Colorado Rapids. I'm well aware that there is a stigma on writers even mentioning something outside of their beloved "big 4 sports" but honestly the Rapids have turned into a contender and the media not noticing and just completely slighting the Rapids goes beyond ignorance and has turned into an insult. Will they launch an argument about attendance? The Rapids draw more people than the Nuggets did back in the 90's before Melo showed up. I don't recall the media ignoring the Nuggets like the fans did. An argument of failure and a lack of deserving media coverage? The Rockies have made the playoffs fewer times than the Rapids in their respective histories.

Honestly there is no reason for Patrick Saunders or the Denver Post to slight the Rapids like this. There's even less reason to insult them when they've been in such good form by not just including them in the "dark days" of Colorado sports, but leaving them out of the sports conversation entirely. If the Rapids bring home the MLS cup, the fanbase will be sure to knock down your doors and let you know.