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Conor Casey is now the most prolific scorer in Rapids History

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One of the many things lost in the mess of last night's 1-1 draw with Real Salt Lake was the fact that Conor Casey scored his 40th Rapids career goal. The late RSL header by Nate Borchers rescued Salt Lake but somewhat screwed Casey's chances of being noticed for his landmark; that goal allowed him to pass Paul Bravo on the all time list of Rapids goalscorers.

With three years remaining on his contract and his age most likely still not a factor in slowing him down much - not that he's a very fast guy to begin with - it's very probable that we see him break his own record quite a bit before he either leaves the team or retires. I said on the Bleeding Burgundy show that I think he's got the skills for another three or four years of double digit goal scoring in him. Double digit goalscoring of course being yet another record he holds; his three seasons of 10+ goals are tops in Rapids history as well.

Congratulations to Conor Casey.