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A last second Salt Lake Goal seals the draw, 1-1.

I've always said when you predict a loss by 30 and you only lose by 20, it's a victory!
I've always said when you predict a loss by 30 and you only lose by 20, it's a victory!

It was a hard fought game and the way that the draw occurred was certainly not the way we would have hoped for before the game... but had you told me that we were drawing before the game, I would take it every time.  The Rapids still managed to get a 1-1 draw out of their trip to Rio Tinto, and a point in Utah is a point in Utah as far as I'm concerned. Argue all you want, but nobody predicted a win except for the most blatant of Rapids homers.

This game minus about 30 seconds was all Rapids. The possession was all Rapids, the shots were better for the Rapids, et cetera. Conor Casey started the scoring in the 36th minute with a good header into the goal from a Kosuke Kimura cross. Marvell Wynne and Drew Moor provided fantastic defense throughout the game, saving several sure goals. Matt Pickens provided some good cover as well with a couple key saves. Honestly without them it would have been 2-1 RSL at the half.

Around the 80th minute, Marvell Wynne was accused falsely of a handball in the box, the penalty call was retracted surprisingly by the ref and instead a drop ball was called. Fortunately for the home side the missed penalty didn't wind up mattering as in the 93rd minute a header into the box found its way into the Rapids net, giving the home side their one point back.

What was most impressive about this game is that against the best team in the league, the Rapids came in and showed that they're no pushovers.The Rocky Mountain Cup is certainly within reach with the next leg at The Dick. If this is the team that shows up for the rest of the season - the one that we saw today and against the Revs - I think the team has a legitimate shot at the big show.

Conor Casey picked up a yellow card and will be suspended for the next game against the Union on the 29th. Hope to god that Omar Cummings is well by that point.

Man of the Match: The defense in general. Despite that unlucky mistake at the end, they are honestly the only reason that the Rapids even had a chance.

Goat of the Match: Gary Smith. Ross LaBeaux? Really? You DON'T put in a rookie like that in such a high leverage situation.