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My Completely Fabricated Interview with Wells Thompson


Riding on the coat-tails of a slow news week, the fact that my favorite Rapids player snagged a goal last Saturday and the fact that people seemed to enjoy me turning Claudio Lopez into a sadistic rage-induced ball of fire against Gary Smith in my last completely fabricated interview, I'm expanding the completely fabricated idea into a mini-series or at least a two part show. 

Man, holy run on sentence, Batman.

Anyway, I figured that it'd be best to go the exact opposite way of the ball of flaming rage that I turned Piojo into. And who better to be an anti-ball of flaming rage than my boy Wells Thompson?

Contained below is the totally legit 100% actual interview that I completely made up that I had with Wells Thompson.

UZ: So, Wells. Welcome to Burgundy Wave's completely fabricated interview booth.

Wells: Good to be here, UZ.

UZ: Well, the Rapids seem to be on a pretty good pace to make the playoffs after a fairly dismal July and start to August. What was the team's thinking during the harder moments of that slide?

Wells: Well I don't know about everyone else, but I had faith.

UZ: Uh huh. Well you finally got a goal the other day, your first in the league. Long time coming, eh?

Wells: Well you know, I always had faith.

UZ: ...Mm hm. Uh, do you think that the team as it stands has a shot at the cup?

Wells: Pretty sure we all have faith.

UZ: ...K. So, how have you been getting along with your new team mates, Kandji and Mullan?

Wells: Well, if you-

UZ: Let me guess, you either have, had or are about to have faith about the situation.

Wells: Nailed it!

UZ: So I could probably just fill out the rest of this interview myself.

Wells: ...

UZ: ...

Wells: Wait, are we talking about soccer?

Thank goodness we start game coverage tomorrow so we'll have something new to talk about!