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Revolution Domination - Colorado wins 3-0 again.

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I could have just written the word "Domination" for the game wrap and it would adequately have described how this game went. Seriously. Colorado started the game strong, got another early goal and basically just coasted through the rest of the game while tacking on a couple more. This is the third straight 3-0 win for the Rapids at home, they knocked off Houston and Chivas USA by the same score the last two times that the Rapids were at altitude.

Pregame, Pablo Mastroeni was celebrated by the club for setting the record for the most games ever played by a Rapid in franchise history with 179. His 180th game today was just as impressive as most of his other ones in a Rapids uniform, as he played shutdown defense and even got a couple of shooting chances during the romp over the Revs.

The carnage started out quickly with Jamie Smith putting a nice pass onto Omar Cummings' foot in the 5th minute, which Omar slid quickly and easily down low past Matt Reis. Jamie earned himself another point on an assist as he helped a beautiful tic-tac-toe play from Omar to himself to Conor Casey in the 15th minute, which gave Casey a small breakaway and another goal for the Rapids. New addition to the team Brian Mullan was ever-present on the pitch, getting great touches, playing a bit of defense and making a couple of fantastic passes that could have easily been extra tallies onto the three that Colorado scored. The Revs didn't have a single shot in the first half. Actually, the stat sheet said they had one, but nobody including the Rapids TV crew could figure out what exactly had been counted as a shot.

The second half started with a little life for New England, but Colorado quelled it within five minutes and kept possession almost the entire game. The Pids' other new acquisition Mac Kandji and Wells Thompson came on for Mullan and Omar Cummings respectively in the second half. Both earned themselves a point as Kandji made a nice pass to Thompson in the box, who buried the shot near side to get his first ever Rapids league goal; against his former team, no less! Both new guys looked absolutely fabulous today.

With Conor Casey's 10th goal of the season, he has now had the most 10+ goal seasons in the history of the franchise with three. Omar Cummings scored his 10th as well, making this the first year since 2003 that the Rapids have had two double digit scorers on the squad. John Spencer and Mark Chung scored 14 and 11 respectfully that season. The Rapids also made the playoffs that year so it's not a bad one to emulate.

The Rapids take on a tough test next week at Rio Tinto in Salt Lake for the first leg of the Rocky Mountain Cup, so they better keep some of this mojo going.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Jamie Smith. Two good looking assists as well as some decent play all around otherwise. Honorable mention to all three goalscorers as well as Brian Mullan. Playing that good after only a couple of days at altitude can't be easy.

GOAT OF THE MATCH: Quincy Amarikwa. He honestly never looks like he knows what he's doing out there, I swear.