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Gamethread: New England @ Colorado

Looks like Brian Mullan is going to get the start in place of Mehdi Ballouchy. Kandji will probably be a late sub for whichever striker is playing less effectively, especially if the Rapids have a lead at halftime. Also looks like the formation will remain as Smith's usual 4-4-2. I'm pleasantly surprised to see Wallace getting more playing time after his very effective first couple games.

Claudio Lopez is still not getting a start, though.


RAPIDS STARTING XI: Pickens, Kimura, Wynne, Moor, Wallace, Mullan, Mastroeni, Larentowicz, Smith, Cummings, Casey

REVOLUTION STARTING XI: Reis, Sinovic, Osei, Gibbs, Alston, Tierney, Joseph, Phelan, Nyassi, Perovic, Stolica

Go Rapids!