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Game Day Linkdump

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A weekly list of things to read before game time.

Ross LaBauex meets the President - Have YOU met the president?

A Show of Class In New York - In case anyone was wondering what that goal celebration was that Henry performed. Classy move by the frenchman, I think.

Goal - Determination and Hard Work Drive Rapids' Kimura - Kosuke getting some NY Times love.

Toronto FC Cleans House - Oh how the mighty have fallen. What happened to you, Toronto?

Bye Bye Ballouchy, Can Kandji? - More thoughts on the trade this week. I disagree on the assertion that Cummings will move back to the wing.

Kandji Wants to go far in the Playoffs - Loving the enthusiasm from the new guy.

Size Doesn't Matter, Insists Silva - Nothing to do with the Rapids, but how often does a headline like that come around?

Not really a link to anything, but I find this picture funny. Claudio is probably crying somewhere. - FREE PIOJO LOPEZ