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Short Scouting Report: New England Revolution

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If there was a surefire way for the Rapids to win the Supporters Shield every single season, it would be to schedule 18 games a season against the New England Revolution. The Buffalo Bills of MLS have only won a scant 3 games total against the Rapids in all the years that both teams have existed. The Rapids will likely continue that streak of dominance at home on Saturday, especially considering their dominance at home in general this season.

The Revs have been struggling this season with a 7-13-3 record, largely in part of their inability to find a solid, consistent scoring threat. Marko Perovic has 6 goals and Zack Schilawski has 5 but after that nobody on the Revs have been able to put more than 3 balls in the back of an opponents net. (Sounds exactly like a review of the Rapids offense back at the start of August, huh.) They've also had a bit of goaltender switching going on between Matt Reis and Preston Burpo, who have started 10 and 11 games this season respectively. Neither have started to great effect, with GAA's of 1.60 and 1.53. Bobby Shuttleworth has also appeared in 3 games, but has an unfortunate GAA of 2.34 so I doubt they'll see him again willingly.

The Rapids won the first battle of these teams on the road 2-1 during a rough streak for the offense as unlikely heroes Mehdi Ballouchy and captain Pablo Mastroeni scored a goal a piece.