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Rapids trade for Macoumba Kandji

Welcome... the new guy.
Welcome... the new guy.

The Rapids seem to enjoy trading for players with teams they've just played or are about to play. Anthony Wallace was traded literally the day of a match between the Pids and his old team, FC Dallas, now this... but I digress.

The Rapids have traded for striker Macoumba Kandji from the New York Red Bulls in return for midfielder Mehdi Ballouchy. Mehdi himself had come to the team from a trade with Real Salt Lake for Kyle Beckerman, which Rapids fans still shake their heads at.

Personally I think this could just as easily be addition from subtraction as anything, as Mehdi was not a favorite player of mine and I think seeing Wells Thompson or (gasp!) Claudio Lopez in his stead is an instant improvement in the midfield per week. Rookie Ross LaBauex will also most likely see increased time with the former weekly starter Ballouchy out of the picture.

The Rapids are now saturated with talent at the striker position, with Conor Casey and Omar Cummings, the new addition of Kandji and rookie Andre Akpan.

The Rapids cannot make another move after September 15th when the roster freeze hits so they'll have to get anything else they want to do done fairly quickly.