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Cummings on pace for greatness

He's also not afraid to angrily dive at those who displease him.
He's also not afraid to angrily dive at those who displease him.

Omar Cummings has been known as kind of the second tier striker in the Colorado Rapids system as of late, with Conor Casey leading the way in goals scored last season and grabbing several double digit goal totals in the last couple years, including being only a goal away from doing so again this season. Conor also was the top striker back when Gary Smith played 4-5-1 exclusively, with Cummings being stuck as the outside winger. Conor might want to watch his back in the future though, Omar has quietly been putting together a hell of a campaign this season.

The 28 year old Jamaican has scored nine goals this year so far in this MLS campaign - already totaling a season high for him with several games to go - and is just entering his prime years as a footballer, meaning that we may be able to watch him get better as his career goes on assuming that he remains a Rapid. In the last three games, Omar has tallied four goals, two of them with spectacular accuracy and velocity behind them. In July he did the same thing against Seattle, scoring a goal of the week contender on another of his blistering accurate shots.

Omar is on pace for his first ever season with a double digit goal total and considering the Rapids play games against several of the weaker teams in the league like Philadelphia, DC United and New England this coming weekend, his ability to shred through defenses like a hot butter knife through... uh, butter could give him a hell of a new record for himself to try and break next year.

Perhaps it's those magical shoes. Casey might want to borrow those at some point.