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Game Day Linkdump

A weekly list of something to read before game time.

The Mad Genius of Gary Smith - He's like a footy scientist

MLS Power Rankings week 23 - Despite passing Seattle in the standings, the Rapids are still 7th in the rankings

Denver Bid Meets With FIFA
- I doubt Denver will get the world cup, but that would be flippin' awesome regardless.

Does Beckham's Return Make LA the Favorites? - I don't think so, Tim.

US U-17's Select Rapids' Serna - Serna sounds like some strange internal organ.

Why Goalkeepers Shouldn't Be So Quick to Celebrate - I fully expect the Rapids will be knocked out of the playoff race by a play like this.

Thanks again to all the other blogs who gave me a shout out or stopped by and left a comment since I joined SBnation, by the way. Shout outs to Brotherly Game, Black and Red United, Sounder at Heart and Dynamo Theory (he followed me on twitter, close enough) for giving me the love. I'm sure Once a Metro would have as well, but the writers there appear to have gone into a coma.

RSL Soapbox didn't say anything, because they were obviously ensconced in the millions of other activities Utah has to offer and were too busy.