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Introducing the Rapids Magic 8-Ball!

Back when this site was still on Blogspot, there was just about nothing extra that I could put in there besides straight word content except for a picture of our old logo - RIP crappy old logo! - and... actually, that was it. With our new home here at SBnation, a brand new exciting world of SIDEBAR CONTENT has been unlocked, and with it something that I've always thought would be a fun idea. (Notice that it does not say good idea, just fun.)

Besides the power rankings and overly large blogroll over there, you might have noticed our new feature, the Rapids Magic 8-Ball. It knows all, sees all, and tells all, provided that the all that it tells fits on the little blue triangle. (It's like twitter with a character limit that's 110 less.) The first question over there was provided by me but I'm looking for some content from any readers I may have picked up in the... uh, day I've been here.

The plan is that the RM8B will be updated every Sunday, more specifically every day after a game day. If I run out of questions, I'll just write new ones myself but honestly, that's no fun at all.

Send me questions for the RM8B at The 8-ball awaits with its wisdom.