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2010 Player Rating and Review: Scott Palguta

There are seriously no good pictures of Palguta on here. Fitting, really.
There are seriously no good pictures of Palguta on here. Fitting, really.

This offseason, UZ will give a short review on the play of all Colorado Rapids players who received a decent amount of time on the pitch during the season along with a season grade. Starting with Goalkeepers and then moving up the field as necessary from defenders to forwards, today we'll go with Scott Palguta.

Name: Scott Palguta
Number: 29
Appearances: 5 (11)
Stats: 560 minutes... None, really.

Scott Palguta is an interesting case. Starting the season behind Danny Earls as depth at left-back, he seemed to be in a perfect position given his talent level, emergency depth for the defense. His ability to play at central defense was helpful as well but nullified by Julien Baudet. Unfortunately, the mid-season struggles of Earls forced Palguta into spot starts, something he was obviously not comfortable with. His play was shoddy throughout his few starts spotted through the season, culminating in his worst game of the season against DC United at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, with his repeated whiffs on defense against offensive juggernaut Danny Allsopp forcing Matt Pickens to make some highlight reel saves before finally giving up a goal.

Palguta's mediocre play combined with Earls' shakiness would probably have kept the Rapids out of the playoffs if not for the pick-up of Anthony Wallace late in the season. For a team lacking depth his career potential appears to have stalled at the stage of "shaky back-up". He should be nothing more than that, especially on a championship squad like the Rapids.