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Rapids select Tyrone Marshall in Re-Entry Draft

Both of these players are Rapids now, funky.
Both of these players are Rapids now, funky.

I wasn't expecting much of a splash in the 2nd round of the Re-Entry draft, but the Rapids did indeed use their pick for one of the few things they've been sorely lacking - defensive depth. The 'Pids used their pick to select former Seattle Sounder Tyrone Marshall. The 37 year old defender was actually drafted by the Rapids way back in 1998 but only played a single game for the team before getting sent to the Miami Fusion and bouncing around the league for several years. The Jamaican is a fairly skilled player and will suit the "man off the bench" role much better than Scott Palguta, I think.

Other notable picks included Juan Pablo Angel going to the Los Angeles Galaxy - a move that strikes me as a team collecting aging stars trying to win a title together in MLS, something they have yet to do with 2009's near miss against RSL being the closest the current group has come - and Jeff Cunningham going to the Columbus Crew.

Claudio Lopez, Ciaran O'Brien and Peter Vagenas were not picked in the draft, meaning that they're open to being signed back by the Rapids if they wish. They will be on a first come, first serve basis to any MLS team that wants them.