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Short update on my situation

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting very much recently. This is not because of a lack of news about the club coming out but rather a personal problem keeping me from using the internet. I'm typing this on a friend's computer.

My laptop has some manner of voodoo curse on it that causes hard drives to slowly disintegrate when put inside it - or rather they just stop spinning for some reason. Five days ago I got my fourth hard drive for that computer as it had taken just over two months to make the third one stop working. Three days ago, that brand new hard drive broke in the same manner as all the other ones. My computer is currently in the shop as they try and find out what the hell is wrong with it - the computer repairman basically told me that I have the most rotten luck he's ever seen since the computer appeared to be fine at first glance - and until I get it back I'll unfortunately be relegated to occasional  fanshots of somewhat important news.. Since I have no internet access without the laptop I have a friend keeping me on text message alert for Rapids news, so I'll find a way to get back on and post if something big happens.

Wish me luck on getting my computer back soon and it not crashing in a fiery orb of death once I do - this is becoming infuriating and frustrating beyond belief. Or if anyone wants to send me a new laptop for Christmas, I certainly wouldn't turn it down.