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Colorado somehow improves via the expansion draft, an updated wish list too.

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So, my prediction was technically correct. I predicted before the expansion draft began that Anthony Wallace would be taken by either the Portland Timbers or the Vancouver Whitecaps, most likely early in the draft. I was correct, as Anthony Wallace was taken in the 4th round by Portland. I could never have predicted what happened next, though.

Before the draft had even begun, Colorado's front office team of Gary Smith and Jeff Plush arranged a shrewd deal with the Timbers to get Anthony Wallace back for allocation money after they drafted him. As soon as Wallace was out the door, he swung right back around to his former team. In addition, soon after we found out that Sanna Nyassi - he of the two goals in the Open Cup final this season for Seattle and the first round pick of the Vancouver Whitecaps - was traded for the extra international slot that opened up during the Julien Baudet/Danny Earls trade to the Sounders. So all of a sudden the Rapids not only had their entire squad from before the draft intact but they also got the second overall pick technically for the price of a couple dollars - #MLSSlushFund as Denz put it - and an international slot.


Right after the draft started and Wallace was picked I wrote an article about the Rapids' "offseason wish-list" which included a starting left back and a new, possibly youthful injection into the outer midfield. Oddly, only hours after I had written that article it was already irrelevant due to the Pids picking Wallace back up and getting Nyassi. Honestly, the only things that the Rapids need right now are as follows.

* An all-around defensive back-up player, ideally one who can play all three defensive positions or at least more than one to be the 5th defender off the bench, the old position that Julien Baudet used to play. I don't trust Scott Palguta much farther than I can throw him. Which, considering my arm strength, is about three and a half inches.

* A young, speedy defensive midfielder, again ideally who can play inside and outside. The midfield is set for sure, but none of the members of our starting central midfield are incredibly fast and a central midfielder with scoring touch and speed would be an ideal substitute, especially if Claudio Lopez declines or continues to not receive play next season.

If they can get those two things, Designated Player or not, they should be in fairly good shape all around and ready to try and repeat their title run next season. It would be real nice of them to pick up one of them in the Superdraft as the Rapids already have some intriguing young prospects at central attacking midfielder, (Davy Armstrong) central defensive midfielder, (Ross LeBeaux) and striker (Andre Akpan) to help build the future of the franchise, especially with the new addition of Nyassi on the outside.