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Happy Thanksgiving from Burgundy Wave

Kosuke Kimura is thankful for...
Kosuke Kimura is thankful for...

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

As Rapids fans I don't think I have to tell you that we all have something together to be thankful for this year, the first sports title to come to Colorado since 2001 is a fantastic gift. Remember to be happy for everything you have outside our little world of sports as well, though. Watch some gridiron football, chow on Turkey and cranberry sauce - or pizza  and cranberry sauce if you're white trash with no money like myself - and spend some time with the people and/or animals you love, the Turkey notwithstanding.

Thanksgiving is the day to remind yourself that life is short so you shouldn't take anything for granted and enjoy every minute of what you've got. Whether you spend that time cheering for the Avalanche tonight after the football has ended or spend it on 16th street mall selling turkey flavored girl scout cookies, enjoy yourselves today and for the rest of the offseason. What are you thankful for today?

I'm thankful that my boy Anthony Wallace will remain a Rapid despite all evidence pointing to his leaving. I'm thankful for the genius of Gary Smith and Jeff Plush. I'm thankful for our 15 year dry spell to finally be over in brilliant fashion the same year I started blogging about the Rapids. In general, we're just thankful all around for our boys in burgundy.

Tomorrow I promise I'll post a recap of the expansion draft carnage that erupted from Portland and Vancouver all day yesterday. Promise. For now, everybody get eatin'.