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The Haters can hate, we hardly care.

Gary Smith seems all right with it.
Gary Smith seems all right with it.

This will be my final post directly regarding the finals, just a bit of whimsy regarding the reaction of almost everyone in the media to the Rapids being, apparently, the least deserving champions in the history of sport.

I think we've heard it all by now, things that we would never have heard had the Earthquakes won, New York won or, well, had the Kansas City Wizards made the playoffs and won we still wouldn't have heard it. Apparently this title won by the Rapids is causing the league to slowly deteriorate as they are obviously the weakest team to have ever won the title. Even weaker than the Real Salt Lake team that won last season - who ended with six fewer points as the 8th seed, allowed more goals while scoring fewer and had more losses than wins. I don't recall many "sky is falling" comments when that team came through the East and overtook the biggest market team in the league, in the hated style of PK's, no less!

You say the game was boring because the goals were "garbage"? Had a member of Seattle scored that goal that Conor Casey muscled in something makes me think the words "gritty" and "beautiful" would be used more often than garbage in describing it. Perhaps if the other teams in the playoffs could score the "garbage" goals of Colorado they would have been there in the finals instead.

TV ratings were 44% lower in a year that LA and NY weren't in the finals? Blaming that one on the Rapids - FC Dallas never seems to get mentioned in the equation - is my favorite out of all of them. Why is everyone shocked by this? Do you really think that it was Real Salt Lake that drew the high TV audience last season?

I can safely say as a member of the Rapids fanbase that you can trash talk us all you want, blame us for the leagues imminent folding or whatever new insult you happen to think of tomorrow or the next day. The star we've earned should be plenty enough to keep us stoic as we need to be.