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Seattle trades Peter Vagenas to Colorado for Baudet and Earls

Welcome to the champs, Peter.
Welcome to the champs, Peter.

Seemingly just as the champagne stopped flowing, the Seattle Sounders traded veteran midfielder Peter Vagenas to the Colorado Rapids for Julien Baudet and Danny Earls.

Color me surprised on this one.

Vagenas is a very good midfielder, but I wasn't expecting Julien Baudet to be let go so soon. Danny Earls never found his footing in Colorado and was shaky at best for most of the season, including his last appearance against Dallas where he basically handed them two free goals.

The expansion draft is coming soon and the Rapids are looking a little bare-boned on defensive depth all of a sudden, especially with Anthony Wallace being unprotected.

Peter spent most of 2010 injured, but has a proven track record of success under his MLS belt.