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Wells Thompson likely a starter for the MLS Cup

Still the best picture of Wells ever.
Still the best picture of Wells ever.

The Colorado Rapids website recently released a bit on midfielder Jamie Smith, detailing how a calf injury had kept him out of the Rapids previous game against the San Jose Earthquakes even after playing all 120 minutes against the Columbus Crew in the second leg of the Conference Semi-finals. With the MLS Cup merely days away at this point and Jamie still nursing that injury to some degree, it's looking more likely by the day that Wells Thompson will once again step into Smith's usual spot on the starting XI.

Wells had four goals over all of his appearances this season, two in the Open Cup and two in regular season play. His main asset is more defensive presence than Jamie Smith, with some fantastic defensive appearances - including one last game against San Jose and a fairly successful appearance at left back against the Los Angeles Galaxy on his resume in the season as well.

Jamie had a goal and eight assists on the season, leading the team in the latter category. His streaky play was problematic a few times this season but when he was on his game he was one of the best players on the field. Whether Wells will fill his shoes as well as he did in the San Jose game is yet to be seen.