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The final is set. FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids in Toronto.

Jair Benitez can hardly contain himself
Jair Benitez can hardly contain himself

Many people said that this was the worst possible finals. Most of these people are LA fans. Either way, the Colorado Rapids will be facing FC Dallas in the MLS Cup Final in Toronto thanks to a 3-0 drubbing of the weak and confused looking Galaxy at the Home Depot Center. This will be Dallas' first ever finals to Colorado's second.

In the 2010 season, Colorado and Dallas faced off twice, both games ending in draws, although an argument can be made that Colorado outplayed Dallas in the second one.

We'll obviously have some more stuff about this game throughout the week, much of it probably involving me talking with Daniel Robertson from the new SBnation affiliate of FC Dallas, Big D Soccer. For now, just revel in the fact that somebody will win their first MLS Cup this coming Sunday in Canada.

And the fact that LA fans will now be forced to shut up for the next week.