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The referees and Omar Cummings team up to screw the Rapids, 2-2 final.

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The Rapids may be the best team in the league when it comes to screwing themselves out of wins. Whether it comes from the coaching, (DC United loss) the players missing easy finishes, (Seattle loss, Kansas City draw) the team trying to sit back on a lead (Salt Lake draw) or when a star player plays like complete crap like today, the Rapids never win games that they should have or could have taken away from other teams.

Jeff Larentowicz - isn't it weird how he's the only Rapid who can score on the road? - started the scoring with a blast from about 20 yards out that completely fooled Dario Sala. Anthony Wallace came out of the game with injury for Danny Earls, who immediately decided to give FC Dallas two free goals to Milton Rodriguez and David Ferreira.

After that, the game was 100% Rapids. All the shots, all the corners and all the nice passes came from the boys in blue and they only connected on one goal, a corner that Jeff Larentowicz slammed in with his head. After that, Omar Cummings and Conor Casey decided that it was a stupid idea to shoot and instead continually tried passing to nobody as they had wide open looks in front of them. Drew Moor almost got another set piece goal as his header off a corner was cleared off the line by Jair Benitez. Omar was also caught offside six times this game, one of those nullifying what would have been the winning goal.

The refs made one of the worst calls I've ever seen in an MLS game as Omar Cummings was pulled down maliciously from behind inches outside the 18 yard box. But honestly, it shouldn't have had to come down to that. This is why the Rapids probably won't do anything in the playoffs. They don't take what they're given, they just give it back on a silver platter.

MAN OF THE MATCH - Jeff Larentowicz. Two goals for the midfielder, could have had three. Played quality defense as well.

GOAT OF THE MATCH - Omar Cummings. Six offsides, three missed shots from close range while wide open and turnovers galore to boot. Was the single biggest reason for the Rapids not scoring a goal in the second half minus the set pieces where the defenders kept almost scoring.