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How to get into the playoffs

How to get to the playoffs: Don't play the crap squad any more, Gary Smith!
How to get to the playoffs: Don't play the crap squad any more, Gary Smith!

Because unfortunately none of us have yet to master the power of the space-time continuum, it is impossible to ask someone to go back in time and slap some sense into Gary Smith last Saturday, giving the Rapids a win at home against DC. Instead, we're going to have to look at some different playoff scenarios.

As was said yesterday, Kansas City is the only real competition that the Rapids have to get past in order to clinch themselves a playoff berth for the first time in years. Toronto FC and the Chicago Fire are both technically not eliminated from post season contention, but would both have to wish for a few major miracles to get in, not to mention winning the rest of their games. (Last season's Real Salt Lake squad would like to remind you that miracles do indeed happen sometimes.)

The season could all come down to the next game against FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park on Saturday. If Colorado manages a win against Dallas, the season is pretty much over for KC. A KC draw or loss to Seattle combined with a win for Colorado clinches them a playoff berth. If San Jose wins as well, KC is officially eliminated from the playoff hunt. It's going to be a tall order obviously to defeat the incredibly staunch Dallas side who has only two losses this season but that's what we have to hope for. If Seattle defeats or draws with KC, it will help the cause no matter how Colorado performs, so prepare to cheer for the Sounders.

Basically, it comes down to this;
* If the Wizards lose or draw two of their last four games, they're eliminated.
* If Colorado wins any one of their last three games, or draws all three, they're probably safe. Two wins and they're automatically safe.
* If Colorado wins and Kansas City loses this weekend, it's over.

It would also help if Gary Smith didn't play Danny Earls or Scott Palguta as starters... like, ever again. Seriously Gary. We know where you live.

Well, we don't but if we did that probably wouldn't scare you anyway.