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Kansas City loss last night helps the Rapids immensely

Mehdi Ballouchy is not amused.
Mehdi Ballouchy is not amused.

The New York Red Bulls aren't usually a team that the Colorado Rapids look to as friends, but they should send NY a fruit basket after last night, as their 1-0 win over the Kansas City Wizards helps the Rapids playoff chances quite a bit. Here's how the playoff picture looks now between Colorado and KC;

Colorado was eight points ahead of KC before the games tonight began, they'll stay in the same position today after both squads lost. Had KC won their game against New York, they would be cautiously close to taking over the Pids playoff position. A win against DC at home would have helped immensely, but you can't rewrite the past and the Rapids still control their own destiny, as it were.

The unfortunate reality is that the Rapids only have three games remaining to get some more points in the standings. These games - two of which are on the road - are against the still red-hot FC Dallas, the always tough LA Galaxy and one of the best squads in the league, Real Salt Lake on the last day of the season. Kansas City has four games to catch up to Colorado, and those games are against fairly weak competition. Seattle, Chicago, New England and San Jose, two of those games at home.

Feel free to shiver frightedly.

Is frightedly a word?