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Three Keys to the Game: LA Galaxy

This man is one of the three keys.
This man is one of the three keys.

Again, I have nobody to talk to on this site regarding the LA Galaxy just as I was left empty-handed by FC Dallas last week. So consider this a new feature for the weeks when I got nobody to talk to. That in mind, let's just move to our Three Keys to the Game tomorrow against the LA Galaxy.

* Score First - Obviously nobody is expecting the Rapids to go into the Home Depot Center and get a 1-0 win, that's a dumb prediction to make. You have to note the statistics in this category though, they don't lie. When scoring the first goal - a rare feat for the Rapids on the road, but work with me - the Rapids haven't lost a game this season and boast an 11-0-6 record when doing so. Conversely, the Galaxy have only won a single game this year after allowing the other team to get the first tally and have lost six times. When they've scored first they are 16-0-0. While anything can happen in football as we all well know, scoring the first goal is pretty much the only way statistically it's looking like the Rapids escape LA with a point.

* Omar Cummings - The Colorado Rapids' best striker by far the past couple of months has been Jamaican spitfire Omar Cummings, but he was underwhelming at the beginning of the year while playing in Gary Smith's old 4-5-1 formation as a winger instead of his natural position of striker. He was forced to the side again by Smith's 4-4-1-1 formation last game and played terribly. Either Gary Smith has to man up and put Cummings back where he belongs even at  the expense of putting Macoumba Kandji or Conor Casey on the bench or Omar is going to have to become a better winger and quickly. My guess would be the first if we're asking which is more likely.

* Keep The Defense Strong - Last game against FC Dallas, the Rapids held a 1-0 lead and were playing fairly impressive defense until Anthony Wallace came down with a groin strain and was replaced by Danny Earls, who quickly handed FC Dallas two goals. Wallace and/or a newly healthy Julien Baudet will have to remain healthy and play to the best of their abilities alongside Marvell Wynne, Kosuke Kimura and Drew Moor if the Rapids have any hope of winning this one. If Danny Earls or Scott Palguta are subbed in for injury they could be toast.