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Short Scouting Report: New York Red Bulls

Few teams have been as busy as the New York Red Bulls have been this season when it comes to adding players, specifically players of the Designated variety.

Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez have been thrown into the mix in New York to add to the already potent squad featuring strong players like Juan Pablo Angel and former Rapids keeper Bouna Coundoul. This experiment has worked like a charm, with the Red Bulls tearing up the Eastern conference since then and managing to latch on to second place. They are one of only two teams in the East with a positive Goal Differential with a +3 on their side. They only have two losses in their last seven games and only four since that July 4th game mentioned above.

Last time the Rapids met New York it was in hurricane conditions at The Dick on July 4th, before the Bulls had added all their new superstars. It'll be a whole new look RB's on Saturday in the eyes of Coloradans.