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Short Scouting Report: Chivas USA

Well if ever there was a game that the Rapids should win, it's this one at home against our old friends the Goats from Los Angeles, otherwise known as the Clippers of MLS. All right, so they don't have anything close to the sordid, sad history that the Clippers have, and in fact they even made the playoffs every season since their putrid inception year. This season has been a bit of a downer for any fans of the Goats that aren't bandwagoning the Galaxy by now, though.

Chivas has only been able to peddle together 21 points at this point of the season, the lowest in the West beating Houston by a point; hilariously they'd actually be in 5th place in the East with that point total. Stay bad, Eastern conference! Anyway, their 11 losses is tied for 3rd worst in MLS, which included a particularly horrible and almost impossible to believe six game losing streak earlier in the year. Not even a draw between them, just straight losses in a row.

The Goats battled the Rapids earlier this season in their first game at the Home Depot Center. Colorado prevailed, 1-0. They're most recently coming off a loss to Seattle, 3-1.