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God save us: Wynne doubtful for tomorrow

Marvell Wynne was one of only three players who had played every minute of every game for the Rapids going into last week. Matt Pickens lost that streak last week as he was left off of the starting line up with back spasms. Marvell Wynne started, but left about halfway through the game, favoring his hamstring on the sideline. At the time it seemed inconsequential but it might have knocked the Rapids' best defender right out of this weeks game.

Wynne has been the most shut down defender on the Rapids squad during his first season in Colorado, playing out of his mind while starting every game. A huge chunk of the defensive mastery that got the Rapids their quick start this season can be placed on his shoulders. His hamstring injury may be keeping him out of the line up this week, according to Gary Smith;

"Marvel is a doubt for the weekend, he’s not done an awful lot this week, and the likelihood is that he may not be involved."

Am I the only one who notices that they always butcher spelling on quotes at the Rapids website?

Assuming that Drew Moor stays in the center of the defense instead of going left like he has done in recent weeks, Wynne's most likely replacements are the still-in-waiting Anthony Wallace and his replacement on the left side from last week, Danny Earls. While neither will be able to hold the fort as awesomely as Wynne has so far this season, hopefully the Rapids newfound offense will be able to gash the weak Chivas defense for enough goals that it won't matter.

In other words, how about a repeat of last weekend, gang?!