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Cummings getting into good late season form

Last week after his awesome two goal, one assist game against the Dynamo I wrote about Conor Casey and how his late season form would need to be similar to his form last season if the Rapids were to make waves in the playoff race. What I didn't consider was his counterpart, Omar Cummings. After Omar's fantastic two goal game yesterday at the Dick against Chivas USA it's begun to look like one of the most feared striker duos last season in the league might be back to their feared status.

Omar had been having a bit of a slow year up until around the San Jose game a couple of weeks ago, where it was his shot that was bobbled by Busch leading to the own goal. His finishing had been a bit questionable, showing only brief glimpses of his ability like his fabulous curling shot in Seattle. Being a wide midfielder in Gary Smith's original 4-5-1 formation wasn't helping him either.

Since the switch to the 4-4-2 and particularly since the San Jose game, his confidence especially at home has been through the roof. He now has three goals in the last two games, bumping his total up to eight total on the season, threatening to overtake Conor Casey as the team leader if he can get another two goals to beat Conor's nine.

Earlier in the year we were lamenting the fact that the big striker duo up front were the only ones on the team who could score, but weren't scoring much at all. Now both are on fire during the stretch run, on course to score well over ten a piece. Andre Akpan and Quincy Amarikwa might have to wait to get some more playing time.

Omar just better keep those new shoes handy, them things are magical!