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Check for a bit of history on Saturday

Not the kind of history like Colorado finally bringing home its first piece of silverware not called the Rocky Mountain Cup - although they can't seem to win that either any more - but just a couple of interesting historical tidbits that you might see happen if the Rapids can snag a goal or two or even three on Saturday as the Rapids suit up for a game against the Red Bulls in New York;

*Conor Casey's score against Chivas put him only one goal away from getting 39 as a Rapid, which would tie him for the most goals ever scored by a Rapids player with Paul Bravo. Two more goals and he'll break the impressive record.

*Omar Cummings will set his own new regular season record for goals scored by himself with one more tally at some point in the season.

*A start or even an appearance against New York - and it's pretty much unthinkable that he doesn't get the start! - will give Pablo Mastroeni the all time leadership in most games played by a Colorado Rapid, passing Chris Henderson.

Hopefully we see all three of those historical events come to pass, if only because that would guarantee we've put two goals on New York!